Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Custom Test Credential Store

WildFly Elytron Tool - super short introduction

WildFly distribution contains for some time new tool related to Elytron project. Check nightly builds of WildFly 11. Look for bin/elytron-tool.sh (or other elytron-tool.* scripts for your platform of choice). Detailed blog about features available in Elytron Tool will follow later.
One can start with ./bin/elytron-tool.sh --help to see what we have there.

Custom Credential Store

Elytron Tool let users to create and use custom implementations of CredentialStoreSpi which can be successfully utilized when one needs to deploy their own credential store which has no support in Elytron.
It simply requires to create implementation class of CredentialStoreSpi and custom JCA provider which will register service for your provider.
I have created simple example project which can be found at GitHub called Custom Test Credential Store. Just build the project with maven (mvn clean install) and you have jar file ready to use.

Elytron Tool example

  1. set your provider jar (and it's dependents) to classpath via
    export ELYTRON_TOOL_ADDONS="/home/pskopek/dev/wildfly-security/custom-test-credential-store/target/custom-test-credential-store-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar"
    In case one needs add more jars use proper file separator for your platform (for Linux ':' or Windows ';')
  2. use script to invoke Elytron Tool as invoking through "java -jar ..." cannot add anything to classpath. There are scripts for different platforms.
  3. Try following command to create your custom credential store and add alias "s2" for secret "DDD"
    ./bin/elytron-tool.sh credential-store --create --location test.store --password "secret2" --summary --add s2 --secret DDD --type CustomTestCredentialStore --salt AQWSDERF --iteration 23 
  4. Note "--type CustomTestCredentialStore" option to actually use custom implementation instead of the default one. This option must be present anytime when one which to manipulate custom credential store.

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